Affiliate Program

Its so simple & the best part is its FREE to sign up! Are you interested in earning easy money? Afre you tired of working for other people? Do you want to be your own boss? Then its time to join our affiliate program. As an affiliate that means you will put your unique link ( that we will give you) on your website, blog, instagram, facebook,pintrest or twitter which advertises  VOSS BIKINI. When someone clicks on YOUR link and buys something you’ll receive 10% commission. Its that simple ! 

How much money can you make ?

It all depends on you ! Commission paid jobs require effort, so ultimately you will receive what work you put in. On average a regular swimsuit costs about 70 $ USD in total. Since you’ll be earning 10% commission per order, you’ll be making a minimum of at least 7.00$ USD or more. This is an incredible oppurtunity to earn more money fast & from the comfort of your home !

30 Days

When someone clicks on your link it will be tracked in our system for 30 days. This means that you will still be paid 10% commission if they decide to revisit the site and purchase withen the 30 day period.

Canadian Residents

If you are a canadian resident that means that you’ll be making about 9.00 $ per swimsuit sold. A great way to make extra income from the comfort of your home! Canadians will receive the funds in USD and can convert their money to CAD. 



Join the VOSS BIKINI Affiliate Program

Start earning money today ! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED  Our affiliate training section has banners and instagram posts you can use on your social media. We have a facebook group dedicated to giving you tips and tricks to help you to succeed. We also provide step by step videos to make everything simple. Build your very own online business with the help of our affiliate program. The entire process should only take a couple minutes. Open up an account by clicking REGISTER HERE.